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(Tubes & Couplers JIS 3444):
The Tubular system has proven to be the most versatile system offering flexibility and easy to use.
Tubular scaffolds are made up of galvanized aluminium or steel tubes interconnected by a coupler which relies on friction to support its loading.

Uses and Benefits of Tubular Scaffolds
Tubular scaffolds are specially designed for construction purposes. The uses and benefits of tubular scaffolds include: 

Most versatile type of scaffold that can adapt to all kinds of building structures e.g. free-standing, independently tied up, bird-cage, truss-out by hanging, tower and suspended scaffold conditions kind of work. 

Easy To Use
Easy to use (only four basic components are required such as tube, right angle coupler, swivel coupler, bases or casters). 

Durable (galvanized and able tto take on harsh environments), e.g. such as trip the scaffolding pipe. 

Assembling and Dismantling
Easily assembled and dismantled thus saving time on site. 

Light Weight
Tubular System Scaffolding is light in weight to which it can be easily moved around the construction site. 

In comparison to other types of scaffolds, tubular system scaffolds offer the most adaptable and efficient scaffold solution. 

Cost Effective
In cases when scaffolds need to be erected for long period off time (more than four weeks), tube and fitting system scaffolds provide the most cost effective scaffold solution. 

One of the most flexible types of scaffolds. It can be adjusted according to desired height.

 Longer Life Span
Has a longer life span compared to other scaffolds and offer a steady work platform.

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