1. Modular Scaffold – Star System:

Star scaffolding is a quick fit erection type of scaffold system popularly used for concrete form work, construction buildings, bridges and industrial construction conditions. Star scaffold is a heavyduty scaffolding system manufactured for stability, firm solid, safe and easy to use.

Modular Star scaffold is most conveniently used when façade form of the building is very complicated (for example hexagonal façade) and is difficult to erect standard façade scaffolding. In these cases, modular Star scaffolding is the best alternative as they can be adjusted to modifications and can be erected external as wee as internally of the façade structure. Modular Star scaffolding system consists of different single components that can be combined flexibly to each other. It also has an advantage for storage and transportation, it can be easily stacked.


  • Ability in designing to suit various pour heights. Consist of very few components, hence faster rate of assembly and better control of material damages or losses on site.
  • Materials are the Standard Verticals, Ledger Horizontals, base jacks & U head, Flexibility in catering to different panel sizes, modifications and designs to suit clients need.
  • Fast erection and dismantling with minimum labourers required to erect, (eg. 2 labourers)
  • Heavy Duty, however solid and safety resistant. Aligned to completed erection and ready for casting within days. There are no loose parts, and all components are hot dipped galvanised for long lasting with minimal maintenance.
  • The system is ideal for formwork support casting, heavy back propping, pre-cast bridge support, façade retention, temporary struts& structural frameworks, Civil tunneling projects etc.

Types of Scaffolds

Tower Scaffold: A Scaffold with only one working platform at uppermost level and has only one bay on either side. It can be free standing or tied to the building.

Bird Cage Scaffold: A Scaffold with only one working platform at uppermost level and has a configuration of two or more bays on either side. It can be free standing or tied to the building structure.

Cantilever Scaffold: A Scaffold erected upon cantilever beam, tubes and used where it is unpractical to use the ground for support.

Suspended Scaffold: A Scaffold hanging on tubes, ropes or chain from an overhead structure. It is not capable of being moved or lowered.

Independent Tied Scaffold:A Scaffold which has two rows of standard, one row supporting the external deck and one internally. The transom is not built into the wall of the building. It is not free standing, being supported by the building structures.

Mobile Scaffold:A Scaffold with one layer of working platform at the uppermost level with caster wheels attached at the base for short distance movement. Height varies and can be custom made to suit specific need of the requirement.

Access Scaffold:Access stair towers are similar to perimeter scaffolds. Access stair towers have ladders fixed to the side of it. It could also be modified such that it has stairs that lead all the way to the top, which is a single zig zag level platform.

Truss Out Scaffold: A Supporting scaffold structure erected out and protruding through windows or similar openings on building structures where it may not be practical to erect from the ground level. It is used for minor repairs on walls or for works on upper windows of high level buildings.

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