1. Cup Lock System Scaffolds

Cuplock Scaffold is similar to the modular system scaffold that can be used as access or support system. The main feature is the unconventional method of connecting transoms and ledgers without the use of loose components, eg: clamps, bolts or nuts. 

Use and Benefit

  • Modular scaffold can be used for all kinds of access and support structures in civil construction and building, off shore construction, and industrial maintenance, alterational and additional works environment. 
  • The erection and dismantling of scaffolds involves a simple procedure. 
  • The modular structure ensures minimal spare requirements for storage, when not in use. 
  • An un-conventional method permits up to four horizontal components attached to vertical component in a single action, without using nuts, wedges or bolts.
  • In comparison to other types of scaffolds it can be erected faster, saving time and minimizing on site production costs. 
  • Cuplock System Scaffolds can be erected for curved, circular and straight configuration conditions including support and access mobile towers. 
  • They are long lasting and durable. 
  • Cup-Lock system scaffolds are designed with a built in security, because no loose fittings are required. 

Technical Data

  1. Modular Scaffold – Ring lock:

Standards are the vertical members of the ringlock system. They provide the vertical support for scaffolding.

  • Standard 0.5m c/w spigot (48.3mm x 3.25mm)
  • Standard 1.0m c/w spigot (48.3 x 3.25mm)
  • Standard 1.5m c/w spigot (48.3 x 3.25mm)
  • Standard 2.0m c/w spigot (48.3 x 3.25mm)
  • Standard 2.5m c/w spigot (48.3 x 3.25mm)
  • Standard 3.0m c/w spigot (48.3 x 3.25mm)


  • 732mm
  • 914mm
  • 1524mm
  • 1829mm

Ledgers are the horizontal members of the Ringlock system. They provide horizontal support for loadings and plank platform.

Diagonal Brace:

  • 1219mm
  • 1829mm
  • 2440mm

Bay braces are diagonal support of the Ringlock system.

The wedge and mouthpiece swivels on each end, enables them to connect into the rosettes of your standards with ease. 

Intermediate Transom:

  • 732mm
  • 914mm

Transom is a kind of support ledger used to provide trip-proof, decking, surfaces, with board/plank platforms. 

Base Collar

Connected to the vertical standards and screw jack, providing base rosette for ledgers and braces. 


  • D38 x 600mm (Hollow Type)

Jackbase are used at the bottom of the Standard and are adjustable to meet the variations of the required ground level.

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